What Is An XMP Toolkit?

In order to understand what the XMP Toolkit meta information says about your file, we first have to define what XMP stands for and what it does. XMP originates from the Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform. It provides an easy method to add metadata to images (but also other media files). What it does is adding a set of metadata tags in form of XML text to the header of a file.

Knowing that, what is an XMP Toolkit? The XMP Toolkit is used to implement the metadata tags mentioned above. It includes different libraries that take over different tasks when adding these metadata tags to, for example, a JPG image. 

The values given for the XMP Toolkit meta information indicate, which XMP Toolkit was used to add additional meta tags. Usually, it is some version of the Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform, however other programs may alter this information and be thus found there.