What Is Software?

When you check your file for hidden metadata, you can come across information labeled as Software. This field in your files meta-information is relatively self-explanatory. It can be contained in almost every file type, such as image, video, audio, document, e-book or other.

What this value tells you is which Software was used to create or, sometimes, last modify the file you are looking at. In some cases, information about the specific version of the program or Software is also stated. For example “gimp 2.8.22” refers to the photo manipulation and graphics program Gimp and more specifically the version 2.8.22 .
It should not be confused with meta information labeled as, for example, “Software Version” since they specifically state the version instead of giving it as an optionally additional information.

The Software information is set by the Software itself, thus the way the information is given can vary depending on the program.