What Is The Frame Rate?

The Frame Rate is something you have to be aware of when handling video files. However, you have certainly heard about it when talking about video games, movies or other clips and how they are displayed by different devices. But what is Frame Rate?

Basically, the Frame Rate is the frequency in which single images appear when watching any kind of video – or playing a video game. These single images are called frames. Thus, sometimes, the Frame Rate is also known as the frame frequency.
The value of the Frame Rate is given in frames per seconds, abbreviated as fps. A video file with 60fps thus displays a total of 60 frames per each second.

The human eye can see the difference between Frame Rates easily. 10 to 12 frames per second are perceived as single images. When the Frame Rate is higher though, the human eye interprets the displayed images as motion. The higher the Frame Rate, the more “fluent” the motion is perceived.

The Frame Rate can be split into your video file to represent different instances of the Frame Rate. For example, the Frame Rate can be given for different streams in your file, it can be expressed as the average or maximum Frame Rate of the file, or it might be expressed with additional info of programs used to create the video file.