What Is The FlashPix Version?

Meta information known as the FlashPix Version is usually found in image files only. Most commonly, they are present in JPG or JPEG and TIFF or TIF files. Raw camera images such as CR2 and NEF, as well as other images, can contain this information as well.

FlashPix originated as its own file format, using the .fpx file extension. The format never caught on. The file size was considerably larger than other images, even TIFF files, which was due to the support of multiple resolutions of the same image within the file.

In most cases, there is no value (or a null value) for the FlashPix Version of an image. Certain JPG files, however, support FlashPix and can thus give a value in this case.

JPG images that support FlashPix can, furthermore, cause issues with different applications due to their complex nature.