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What Is Date/Time Original? (date/time original)


The Date/Time Original meta information is very closely linked to the Create Date information.

Different date formats, as well as timestamps, are used to record the time when the original version of a file has been created. This metadata can be present in all kinds of file formats, including video, image, audio, documents, and e-books. This information can be very valuable to determine the actual age of a document or even verify it’s authenticity.

Common formats used to express the Date/Time Original are:

    • e.g. 2018:05:28 05:58:42
  • HH:MM:SS
    • e.g. 22:15:15
  • YYYY
  • e.g. 1980

Date/Time Original Is Also Known As

Date/Time Original has often been found in conjunction with

Image Width Bit Depth Attached Pic Thumbnail Image Size Active D-Lighting Orientation

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