What Is Color Space?

The extra information of Color Space is found in files that contain visual data. This includes video files and images alike. Even some audio files may show information of Color Space if they have an embedded cover image.

Colors are displayed in different ways. More specifically, in different color models or modes such as RGB or CMYK. These color modes are depicted in a three-dimensional Color Space. Thus, for example, RBG is depicted as a 3D cube that contains all hues and mixtures of the three main colors of the model (red, blue and green) in combination with the lightest (white) and darkest (black) shade.. This depiction shows all possible colors and shades that can be created using the color mode.

Since color modes can, sometimes, be displayed using different Color Space, the precise Color Space used is sometimes vital information to the colors used in an image or video. For example, the value “sRBG” states that the “standard RGB” Color Space was used.