What Is The Camera Model?

All kinds of files that can be created using a camera – either a digital camera, DSLR or the camera on a phone or tablet – can contain metadata labeled as the Camera Model. This includes raw camera images such as NEF or CR2, compressed images files such as JPG or TIFF, and video files taken with a camera such as MOV or MP4.

As the name suggests, the Camera Model gives you further information about the camera used to capture the file. More specifically, it gives you the name of the camera model used.

Digital cameras add their precise model name to the exif information of an image or video. Thus, the values of this metadata key could be as follows:

  • kodak c310 digital camera
  • eos 1300d
  • dslr-a330 (referring to a Sony digital camera)

When it comes to smartphones or tablets, the model name often contains the name of the device in question. For example:

  • iphone 8
  • htc one
  • galaxy nexus

Sometimes, the value of the Camera Model does not give away instantly which camera was used to take the picture or record the video. In these cases, the model name depicts the technical name of the camera or lens used, for example, in a phone. Consider the following examples:

  • sm-g930v (referring to the camera used in the Samsung Galaxy S7)
  • e6810 (lens used in the Kyocera DuraForce Pro phone)
  • 8mpaf_s0 (referring to the camera of an ET1 tablet)