What Is An Attached Pic?

In some files, it is obvious that they have visual information stored in them; such as photos and videos. However, many more files can contain an Attached Pic as well. What function these pictures have and why they can be found in certain files is explored here.

In e-books there are several possibilities to have an attached pic. There can be illustrations, graphs, diagrams and other images inside the book to aid the text. The most common occurrence, however, is something every book typically has: the cover. Thus, in some cases, the book cover is represented as Attached Pic in the e-books metadata.
For music and other audio files, there is the possibility of an Attached Pic as well since many audio files contain a cover image as well. That’s either the cover of an album or single, or the thumbnail of a video if you ripped the audio of a video.

In general, the Attached Pic information can refer to a thumbnail of the file as well. That can be the first page of a document, a thumbnail of the photo or picture, or a still image from a video.